So hello humans, how is this Easter holiday.
I would like to update you on my date with Lady Moose. This was our third date.
I am in love. I know comparing to human standards this is waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too fast.

So she came over to the High Park Zoo

I cooked her an amazing spinach dish. Some people suggested a lemon sauced veal, or a beef patty.

Now, I have an issue with that, an animal (that’s me) eating a fellow animal?. It would be so weird.

Also we are both vegetarians.

We then went to the large body of water that you humans call Grenadier Pond. We had fun. The photo above is of my Lady Moose.

I am using Lady Moose due to the fact that I don’t want to publish her actual name. I asked her to be my female partner, you humans would call her my girlfriend. She isn’t a girl, that’s a human term.

She spent the night. We cuddled up and it was amazing.

I wouldn’t recommend you humans swimn in Grenadier Pond, a month ago I was swimming there and I peed in the pond.

So just some ramblings of a Llama.

I will write a letter to Mayor Rob Ford and invite him to the Zoo.

I have gotten my human (the language) all up to speed. I sneaked to the Runnymede and High Park library branches to read some books to learn your language. I believe you call it English.

I just have to figure out where to get an envelope and stamp. Can anyone tell me the nearest Post Office to the High Park Zoo?