The header that you see on my blog is some fancy mansion.
It came with the theme.
I am going to change it with a photo of the High Park Zoo.

The issue I have with taking a photo is that I have to be careful with humans around. Also I want to do it during the sun hours.

I have to hide my green solar panel generator, my laptop and my blackberry from the humans.

Yes my portable solar panel generator to power up and charge my laptop and blackberry is literally green.

I would like to thank the 3 amazing humans who gave me those three items. I am not sure if they are donations or just loaned to me. I will ask them next time I see them.

The human that gave me the laptop lives in the neighbourhood called THE BEACH.

Solar panel generator was donaed by someone who lives in Malvern.

Blackberry came from someone that lives in my area of Parkdale-High Park.

I find it amazing how many people from far far away love my home.
The human from Malvern bought the solar panel generator and took 2 hours with the human public transit system and then took the solar panel generator from the subway station all the way to my cozy home.

Human from THE BEACH took about an hour according to that human.

I also appreciate my neighbour with the Blackberry, specially showing me how to do Twitter on it.

Doesn’t matter that we are different species and from all over the human city of Toronto, we are all fighting for the same cause.

I would like to thank the human Sarah Doucette, you are wonderful and the humans around High Park are very lucky to have such an amazing human.

I will dedicate a whole blog post tomorrow for her.